Update: Conditional-CSS is no longer being maintained. Browser support for basic CSS is now excellent and the situation that called for Conditional-CSS to be developed is no longer present in modern web development. If you require a CSS preprocessor please use SCSS or LESS.

Conditional-CSS allows you to write maintainable CSS with conditional logic to target specific CSS statements at both individual browsers and groups of browsers.

  • Target CSS to any web-browser
  • Streamline maintenance of your CSS files
  • Optimise your CSS
  • Work around those annoying little CSS bugs
  • Automatic expansion and inclusion of @import statements
  • Free and open source!

Undoubtedly you will have found many a situation where different web-browsers require different style statements. Conditional-CSS addresses this by letting you add Internet Explorer style conditions inline with your CSS statements. For example:

To get started with Conditional-CSS use the compiler on the right to download a version suitable for your server platform, and read the usage guide, or see a demo in your own browser (original CSS).


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