Download Conditional-CSS

Conditional-CSS is open source software, freely available for you to use and modify (U4EA CDDL license). The source files can be downloaded using the following link, or alternatively use the online compiler to generate the PHP or binary file you require:

This package contains the source files used for all platforms that Conditional-CSS is currently available for.

The version information is:

  • PHP: 1.2.php.4
  • PHP 4: 1.2.php4.4
  • C# CGI: 1.2.cs_cgi.1
  • C# ASPX: 1.2.cs_aspx.1
  • C: 1.2.c.2


  • 1st decimal place represents the features major version
  • 2nd decimal place represents the features minor version
  • 3rd decimal place represents the target platform
  • 4th decimal place represents the bug fix version for that target platform

Version history


  • Features
    • Support for conditional statements before '@import' statements
    • Added target 'SafMob' for sending specific CSS to Safari Mobile (iPhone and iPod Touch)1
    • Added PHP 4 version of Conditional-CSS to the source files (soon to be added to the online compiler)
    • Multiple bug fixes in the PHP and C# versions
  • {all}.
    • 1 - Fix bug with @import statements which contain the 'url' prefix
  • cs_aspx.
    • 1 - Initial release for this target platform
    • 2 - IE8 could be reported as IE6 due to the bracketing sometimes used in the UA
  • php.
    • 2 - Fix parsing issue with import statements containing 'url'.
    • 4 - IE8 could be reported as IE6 due to the bracketing sometimes used in the UA


  • Features
    • C# version which will run under .Net and Mono
    • Author field in header including "a/author" GET and CLI switches
    • Copyright field in header including "c/copyright" GET and CLI switches


  • Features
    • Initial public release
  • PHP.
    • 1 - Change regular expression for matching blocks to match 0 or more blocks (fnProcess())
    • 2 - Rearrange ccss object and introduce the fnComplete method

1 Note that with the 'SafMob' target, the rule that only rendering engines are targeted is broken. The reasoning behind this is that you are unlikely to want to us Conditional-CSS to target a CSS bug in Webkit, while targeting specific CSS to the iPhone / iPod is quite likely. The behaviour can easily be changed in the code if you so wish - download the source from above.


Conditional-CSS is released under the U4EA Common Development and Distribution License (U4EA CDDL). Please refer to the license for the full copyright restrictions placed on this software.

If you have any ideas of suggestions for future revisions of Conditional-CSS (or indeed any bug reports/ fixes!) please feel free to get in touch.

Still to do

  • Options to change the conditional statement boundary character
  • Allow multiple statement boundary characters
  • Proper support for @media structures in CSS
  • Three point numeric checking (i.e. 1.9.2)